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Ulyana Sergeenko, Fall/Winter 2011-12

fashion night out moscow 2011

only one person cal talk about fashion others just eeee beeeee mmmmm "name of designer' eeeee beeeee "name of designer'"

fashion night out moscow 2011

To dress up slowly... Slow fashion

Reposting a translated article by Svetlana Paderia from
Once Russians suffered from a shortage of beautiful and fashionable things, but now the situation has changed: its the an era of unjustified and excessive consumption. But there is an alternative to shopping-overeating - the slow fashion trend. About its features tells Svetlana Paderina ,"Gazeta.Ru" columnist.
We live in an era of rapid consumption, the era of fast food and "one-time" things that get morally outdated even before having signs of worn off. Fashion industry has set itself a long time ago  single purpose - to produce as much as possible and sell as much as possible. And what can be done in order to get the  shoppers follow the same route again and again  - from the store to your own wardrobe and back? That's right, they instantly impose on desire.
attentively looking at the fashion trends, you can see that the most important trends made by the designers in each coming season, always abolish  the previous trends of the season.
In the summer the shop windows  were colored with bright colors, then fall back into vogue black, if in winter we are inclined to the strict geometrical shapes and minimalist trend, in the spring, its likely that magazines will be promoting frivolous and colorful bohemian style, etc. etc. 
Moreover, the increasing  acceleration of fashion allows us to stay ahead of fashion trends as quickly appearing photos online form the  fashion shows allow to feel the coming trends  in the next six months. Items purchased in the burst  of"I want something new, I want something  fashionable," just do not have time to grow old and come into disrepair, they hang  as excess load in the closet, as we continue to strive for fashion. Sooner or later, this race becomes exhausting and the satisfaction from the  purchase is lost. Under the conditions of modern production, where expensive and cheap things are sewn to the same Chinese factories, the big name and high price have ceased to be a guarantee of not only quality but also originality. So the definition "Fast fashion" is no longer applicable only to the mass market.

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