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About Dasha Gauser

New wave of Russian fashion: surprise from a beginner

www.russiatoday.com, 4 April, 2009
Diana El-Bakri
With avant-garde, progressive, and extremely elegant looks designer Dasha Gauser makes you feel as if you have just opened the curtain to the future of fashion.
Dasha Gauser should undeniably be mentioned in the list of worthy young designers. She is new to the fashion industry, having entered it only three years ago, but her talent and style are self-evident when you see her collection.
From the very first day the brand charted a course towards underlining femininity and sexuality. Hence dresses make up the majority of Dasha Gauser’s collections.
“It was architecture which inspired this collection,” Dasha says. Based on sharp forms, dresses look like sculptures; they always fit the figure as if they were hand-tailored, stressing strong parts of the body and hiding imperfections. At the same time being stiff and textured they are gentle and very elegant.
New wave of Russian fashion: surprise from a beginner
“The fabrics should be textured, fitting to keep the form, and at the same time natural.”
And indeed cutting edge and classy, Gauser’s dresses can’t help but impress with their sharp silhouettes. All details are thoroughly elaborated.
“Woman’s outfits should make men call back at least three times in one evening,” Dasha says.
When Gauser came to fashion she was dissatisfied with the course of things in the industry.
“I didn’t like the approach, materials used, quality of the product, styles.”
New wave of Russian fashion: surprise from a beginner
And now the situation is very different: “Fashion has become much more interesting if compared to three years ago. New designers, fresh new wave ideas, tendencies,” explains Dasha Gauser.
Dasha believes that anyone can get into the industry if they are talented and confident enough, as the competition is not so tough, and organizers of fashion shows and influential companies working with designers are likely to help out beginners. “Funding is the problem in Russia,” the designer reveals.
At the present moment, Gauser works only on collections for women, but she says she would love to make collections for men.
“Now it’s rather difficult for our brand, as it’s an absolutely different development shop, different master hands. Now with the crisis it’s essential not to lose what has been already achieved.”

Dasha Gauser's Autumn-Winter 2010/2011 Collection  — 1. Dasha Gauser's Autumn-Winter 2010/2011 Collection
fall 2010/11

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